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Pamela La Regina
P.O. Box 2099
Short Beach, CT 06405

about pamela la regina

For over three decades, Pamela has been serving an ever-widening field of clients with her calligraphy, art, creative writing, cartooning, and her teaching of both calligraphy and T’ai Chi. She offers workshops and demonstrations in calligraphy and illumination, the t’ai chi and western calligraphy connection, the art of the handshake, genealogy chart making, and handwriting renovation.

Her aka, “The Alphabet Doctor,” is a hint about her concerns with the handwriting crisis in America. As part of her intention to address this issue, she works one-on-one with children of all ages. Her initial lesson is what she calls an “I Q Test,” in which, based on the child’s skills and understandings of how to write, she evaluates his talents and intelligence as effectively as any IQ test, but with the addition of a learning lesson integral to the experience. From there she works with the student with her “down the rabbit hole” technique, guiding, following, and nurturing, using calligraphy as ground zero. Here’s a clue: she teaches by making use of “alphabet mechanics,” thereby establishing an understanding of the principles of nature and movement, and the body-mind connection, which can then serve all the learning that follows; that is, anything that requires logic and reasoning, coordinated movement, and the creative process.

Pamela's calligraphy has appeared at over 200 special events: on envelopes, placecards, signs, invitations, wedding certificates, geneology charts, certificates of appreciation and resolutions.

Her own calligraphy study originated with the John Howard Benson lineage. She has studied with Raphael Boguslav, Arthur Baker, and others.

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