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Pamela La Regina
P.O. Box 2099
Short Beach, CT 06405

good news: finding pamela online

Pamela is now trekking through Cyberspace and can be located at several space stations:

Visit the new online shop at supercalligraphics.com to
discover a multitude of original designs for all seasons
and reasons! Thanks to CafePress, these can now be printed on: Mugs, T-Shirts, Notecards, Greeting Cards & Select Gift Items. click here

Expert Village
Ms. La Regina is now teaching Western Calligraphy on line! The story about this venture is soon to be available, but in the meantime, her advice is to make use of it best by beginning with the Roman Capitals. click here

Announcing original works by La Regina available as prints and greeting cards at Imagekind.com. Please note that many of these works are written texts as well as calligraphy and painting by La Regina. click here

Beauty can be the summation of parts working together in a way that nothing needs to be added. Learn about beauty in calligraphy from Pamela. click here

Creative Soup
Many of La Regina’s works of calligraphy, painting, and writing appear in the e-zine, Creative Soup. See works under most headings as well as under “Canned Soup.” click here

Watch Pamela calligraph the Roman Capitals, the essential exercise in Western Calligraphy. click here

School is Hell
Lastly, you are invited to read some of her views on the handwriting crisis in America (with much more to come). click here

  see the artist at work

colleagues, friends, admired artists

Raphael Boguslav
calligrapher, graphic designer, artist

Martha Link Walsh
artist, papercutter

Richard Squeri, Jr.
fight choreographer, stage combat teacher, youth counselor

Jen Payne, Words by Jen
writer, graphic designer, website designer

other interests

T'ai Chi
Pamela has been a T'ai Chi player for over 20 years: Cheng Man-Ch'ing lineage, and Flowing Dragon Swords with Richard Squeri. click here for more information

Crop Circles
visit UK Crop Circles or International Data Base

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