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An Excerpt from:

Though a man may make someone’s day, it is the Hot Mamas who have made the Millennium. These Heroines, these Warriors and Peacemakers, Healers and Seers, Teachers, Artists, and Scientists with fire in the bellies have lighted and delighted, been role models and soul models. They have sustained the greatest bravery to bare themselves, to bear the transgressions of men, and to bear every child ever born. They are our Divine Guides and beguilers who empower our Heart Chakras and activate our raw shockers; and though they eroticize and criticize, they never apologize. They are the courageous ones, the ICONs (the I CANs,) the flaming, fabulous, impassioned, brandishing broads who take the bull by the horns, wield with cleavage control and rock and roll. They are the higher fire of the working woman; they cook up the cures, weave the web of wisdom, clean the cages that war’s stupidity wages. They are the mind mentors, the kids and consciousness raisers, the sharpening razors and trail blazers. We fly with them, ride wild and cry out  to the wild with them--and laugh about it all with them. They open our hearts and nurture us with creative juices, plant our Feet on the ground and show us how to turn this Earth around.

- - - - -

(The text at the bottom includes numerous calligraphed names of famous women.)

This poster, text and art, is copyrighted by Pamela LaRegina of Supercalligraphics. It is available via Imagekind.com, and can also be accessed via her website: www.supercalligraphics.com.

For inquires about ordering directly from Pamela, please contact her through her site.


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